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Whatever it takes… a trade fair under the snow.

For our second Trade Fair we finally were able to have the experience to sell to the public. It was scheduled to be held on a Saturday on Eden Street, the best place in Kingston to be on a weekend. A lot of people go shopping there all day. But this wasn’t any Saturday, it was a snowy day. Heavy snow.

But, we were there anyway, at 9am. Ready to sell our product and very proud to show it to the world.

As part of our brand strategy we decided to create our stand with recycled cardboard and keep it very simple. Just showcasing our product and material.

Even though there weren’t many people around it was a great experience even with the cold. Our toes and hands were freezing and we had to take turns to warm up inside some of the stores nearby. But, that is team work!

The best part was to really get a feeling of what people thought of our product. And to finally start showing it to potential customers. We had good response and were able to get some feedback on our Edamame Pod.

What we realise is that if we hit the right target market we could change things. There was one customer who instantly recognised our material, cork fabric. And she was so interested in Edamame Pod and immediately came to our stand. She was a sustainable conscious person who really likes for her habits to make a change and help the environment.

We had to finish early because of the weather but overall it was a great way to get our product out there and start a making a change with our Edamame Pod.

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