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Edamame Pod – Ad

Finally our Edamame Pod was ready to be sold. But we needed to create an advert video to promote our product.

After debating what idea we should do. We agreed it had to be something simple and easy to do but powerful. We really wanted the people that watched it to have a reaction. We wanted to make people think about the cause more than the product itself. It was more like a feeling.

A lot of brands are doing that nowadays. It’s more like having a sense of what you want to say with your brand than the product itself. It’s appealing to the sentiment of what you want to say.

We decided to make people think about an everyday action that contributes to the problem of sustainability on Earth. How something so simple that we don’t even realise we do every day can make long term damage. And how we can help fight it with a simple change in our behaviours.

We decided to shoot it at school and with an iPhone. It was fun coming up with the idea and then shooting it with other two members of our team. The idea we chose was to present how with buying plastic bags every day we contribute to the problem of our planet deterioration. And how with our product you can change that. We used music to make more of an impact in the feeling and reaction of the audience. We also used some facts to make more of a statement. Since many people are not actually aware of what the damage it causes and to what extent.

We had to present our commercial in class. And to our surprise we were one of the favourites of our classmates and we won a little prize for that. I feel so proud of our group and it is so good to feel that you are doing something to help our planet. And we can all make this happen with just some little changes in our lives.

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