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Sustainable materials: Cork Fabric.

As part of our Design Thinking module we had a great class on materials. We had a visitor lecturer James Burchill who taught us a lot about what is out there. It was fun learning about all these kinds of materials that we, mostly, never heard off.

We’ve been working on our product Edamame Pod and trying to figure out what materials to use that will make it eco-friendly. Because our main focus is sustainability we wanted to use a completely eco-friendly material. We decided on using canvas bags for the reusable bags inside. but we still needed to figure out about the material for the outside.

During this class we discovered cork fabric. I personally really liked it. And we decided to go with it. We were very pleased with our final product and specially with using such an original and sustainable material.

Cork is considered highly sustainable as the tree is not cut down to produce the material. The cork bark sheds naturally and has no effect on the tree itself. Benefits of this eco-friendly fabric include, being naturally water resistant, light weight and durable.

This is our final product:


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