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Learn Fast! Our Pitching Experience with Edamame Pod

Before our final Dragon’s Den we had to do a 6 minute pitch about our company Edamame Pod. We honestly were not at all prepared. We went and just improvised basically. We didn’t even had a presentation prepared. But with the feedback that we got from the judges we were able to step up and learn fast.

For our final Dragon’s Den we were completely prepared. We fine tuned our pitch, made a presentation and practiced. Because we are five people in our team, we need to be efficient when talking.

The day arrived and we were confident but nervous. Our pitch went great. We delivered it perfectly. Talked about every aspect and even though we were nervous, our confidence erased that. The judged told us our presentation was the most professional they’ve seen all day.

Then came the questions part. We were also prepared. We anticipated what they would ask and replied politely about other issues. I think we behaved in a professional matter and we made a good impression. I am so proud of my teammates.

This was a learning opportunity that it’s just making us better and more comfortable for future presentations in any environment.

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