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The Art of Pitching

This week our start-up team was part of the finals of the Bright Ideas Competition with out product Edamame Pod. As part of that we had to pitch in front of judges for three minutes. Then we had five minutes of questions from them. It was a full afternoon of pitching and networking with other fifty Bright Ideas finalists. It was a fun afternoon that push us to pitch and put our idea out there. It was also great to see some of our classmates win some very deserving prizes. And with every competition you only learn and become better.

As a producer, I was forced to learn how to pitch. Instead of selling products or services, we are selling ideas, or even finished movies / tv shows / documentaries. At first, it terrified me. But, while studying in California, after two semesters filled with pitching sessions every week it became easier every time. At the end of the semester we had to take part of a pitching event which was like a speed dating type of thing. We had 10 minutes to pitch our idea to a person from the industry (producer, screenwriter, director) and when the time was up, we were move to another table and do the same. This, for two hours. It was exhausting but fun.

Pitching a movie idea or pitching a business idea is not much different, you are trying to convince someone to buy or invest in your idea as much as in yourself. This video above about how to pitch your movie is very interesting because it talks about most of the same characteristics that a business pitch should have.

It should be fun.

You should showcase personality.

It should have energy.

You should believe in your ideas.

It should show passion.


People are investing in you as much as your idea. In the end, you can practice as many times as you want, but if you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else?


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