D&AD New Blood Awards – BBC Brief

D&AD New Blood Awards. I chose the BBC Brief, Go Beyond the Screen, where the purpose was to reimagine the relationship with the brand using new and emerging technology. Since I chose this one, everyone kept saying that it was the hardest brief. But, then again, I like a challenge. And besides, it linked two things I’m very interested in, media production and distribution and emerging technological trends.

First I had to understand the market in which BBC was working. I read some audience viewing reports from BARB as well as consumer reports from Statista. BBC is still the number one broadcaster in the UK with 32% of audience share. They have a wide variety of quality programs and content. For traditional TV, the audience is older, on average 60 years old. But the online BBC services, are increasing every year, and the audience is between 16-34 years old. So, I decided to focus on the latter group.

I had to chose one of their services, I wanted to focus on the iPlayer. After looking at all the statistics I wanted to see how people felt about the player. I started to ask my friends what they thought. My other research source was twitter. Looking at the #bbciplayer hashtag I found the pains and gains of the service for the users. After this last research I created a user journey map to see what normal steps would a common user make when using the app and see where I could improve this.

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Looking at technology trends I decided to focus on AI, personalisation, digital centralisation and seamless conversation. I also took into consideration that people in London, spend an average 81 minutes commuting. This would be a great opportunity to be able to catch up on some favourite shows.

I had to do some mock-ups for creative inspiration. After trying several online free webs for app prototype, I decided to use Marvel. It was easy to learn and free to use. I created a mock prototype and started testing with friends. After some feedback I changed some features and added some others to make it better and more original.

In the end, I created a reimagined version of the BBC iPlayer app with new features that could make it stand out from other SVOD services like Amazon and Netflix. I decided to focus on three key elements like Mood (using AI), Time (personalisation) and Voice (seamless conversation) to create an app easy to use and with the user in mind. Also, it is fun and it provides an experience to share with your friends.

“It’s important to keep in mind that people do not simply buy content. They buy into an experience” – Nuno Bernardo (2014).


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